Graphic Design Services
I take on a handful of design clients every quarter, as I love creating beautiful, inspiring, one-of-kind design, that wholeheartedly represent a person, a family or an organization. 
My goal is to understand the full scope and aim of what you would like to share with the world---and then help you make it happen. So that means, whether I’m creating your new logo and marketing collateral, assisting you with creating a totally original holiday card or helping you put together materials for a big event (save-date-cards, invites, menu cards, etc), my aim is simply to articulate through great design the feel and/or message that YOU want your clients, friends and family to experience. 
I offer a variety of services; in both packages and a la carte services. For more information, drop me a line here and let me know what you’d like help creating and I’ll let you know how I can be of assistance to you!
A custom commission is a piece of original art inspired by you and created by me :). A piece of beauty that you can frame and hang in your house or office, to share with friends and admire daily. :) 
The commissioning process starts with a conversation with you about your ideas for the painting and what medium you’d like me to use. I work in both mixed media and water color and the process is slightly different for both. Pricing is dependent on the size and complexity of the piece. For more information on the process or if you’re interested in getting into my schedule, contact me and Iet's have a chat. 
If you'd like to learn more about licensing my artwork for your products or for hiring me for an illustration project, please contact me so we can get a conversation started!
Let's get started!